In Arizona, the fox has been put in charge of the hen house.

The GOP leader of the Arizona Senate has hired a “Stop the Steal” promoter to audit the state’s 2020 election results, according to multiple reports filled with jaw-dropping details.

Senate President Karen Fann announced on Wednesday that she selected four companies to participate in an extensive audit and recount of the 2.1 million votes cast last November in Maricopa County. Three of the companies have no experience in election-related work, according to The Arizona Mirror. One of companies, Florida-based Cyber Ninjas, is led by a man who shared outlandish conspiracy theories on social media asserting that Donald Trump was re-elected.

Doug Logan, Cyber Ninjas’ founder, deleted his Twitter account in January, but The Arizona Republic uncovered archived tweets he sent asserting that Venezuela played a role in fixing the 2020 election. Logan punctuated one such tweet with “#stopthesteal #fightback #HoldtheLine.”

Logan also retweeted prominent “Stop the Steal” conspiracy mongers, including Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, and QAnon provocateur Ron Watkins.

One retweet Logan posted said “With all due respect, if you can’t see the blatant cheating, malfeasence and outright voter fraud, then you are ignorant or lying.”

Another post-election social media post shared by Logan declared, “I’m tired of hearing people say there was no fraud. It happened, it’s real, and people better get wise fast.”

According to the terms of its deal with the Arizona Senate, Cyber Ninjas will be paid $150,000 for its work on the audit.

When The Arizona Mirror sent Sen. Warren Petersen, an Arizona Republican who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, a selection of Logan’s social media post, he responded “Retweets do not equal endorsements.”

Senate leader Fann told The Arizona Republic, “These guys are well qualified, well experienced.”

On Wednesday, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, another “Stop the Steal” devotee, claimed on Twitter that his technology was being used in the audit. Pulitzer is best known for developing the CueCat, a bar-code scanner Time Magazine called one of the “the 50 worst inventions.”

“What are we doing other than just undermining the past election and voter confidence?” Senate Minority Leader Rebecca Rio, a democrat, said.