It seems like John Bolton has information he wants to share with the Congressional committees involved in the impeachment inquiry. But the former national security adviser still won’t show up unless a court rules. The New York Times is reporting that “in a letter to the chief House lawyer,” Bolton’s attorney, Charles J. Cooper, said his client “has knowledge of ‘many relevant meetings and conversations’ connected to the Ukraine pressure campaign that House impeachment investigators do not yet know about.”

Mr. Cooper did not elaborate on what meetings and conversations he was referring to, leaving it to House Democrats to guess at what he might know.

Bolton was a no-show on Capitol Hill Thursday. Politico writes:

Cooper rejected the House’s assertion that the attempt to resolve the matter in court was a delay tactic to avoid testifying — or that it had been coordinated in any way with the White House.

“If the House chooses not to pursue through subpoena the testimony of Dr. Kupperman and Ambassador Bolton, let the record be clear: that is the House’s decision,” Cooper wrote.

But many people have testified against the White House’s wishes.