For someone who prides himself on being a businessman above all else, this might hurt. Some of the nation’s biggest business groups have a big gripe with Donald Trump’s tariff threat and it could wind up in court. This includes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has often supported Trump’s past endeavors. CNBC writes:

The powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce is mulling its legal options in response to the duties, the group’s senior vice president of international affairs, John Murphy, told reporters Friday. Murphy said the group has no choice but to look into every option to push back against the tariff policy.

Business groups more broadly are discussing the possibility of suing the White House, a source told CNBC. A decision on how to proceed is expected by Monday.

Bloomberg adds:

The Chamber also issued a state-by-state analysis on the economic impact of the tariffs. The data show, for example, that in Texas, a 5% tariff would threaten $5.35 billion of state imports, while a 25% tariff would imperil $26.75 billion of state imports.

The U.S.’s largest business lobby, which has historically supported Republican presidents, has been increasingly critical of the Trump administration’s positions on trade and immigration, among other issues. This year, it revamped its scorecard that tallies how lawmakers vote on legislation important for the business community for the first time in 40 years to put more focus on efforts at bipartisanship.