The executive and legislative branches of government are not impressing many Americans. A thirty percent approval rating is bad enough, but 43% say it’s the worst job of governing in their lifetimes. Those numbers are the eye-openers in a new CNN poll:

That’s about double the share who said the same in early 1996 (21%) following a government shutdown that was the longest on record until last month. Just 19% say the federal government is doing a good job.

Dan Rather writes:

“The new CNN poll has President Trump’s approval rating at 40%, down a bit from some polls but generally holding steady. His basic message on immigration problems and the need for a wall is keeping his base with him. Republicans, in general, and white men, in particular, are the core of that base. Democrats’ lack of clarity on immigration problems remains a difficulty for them; their strength is their messaging on healthcare (Medicaid, Medicare,)  corporate/political corruption, income inequality, plus the whole nature and tone of Trump’s Presidency.”

The big winner in the poll? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her favorability rating is up to 42%, highest since 2007.

As for another government shutdown, nearly two-thirds, (64 percent) say an agreement won’t be reached before the February 15 deadline.

Perhaps the most startling fact from the poll was twelve percent of Americans have never heard of Vice President Mike Pence.