The United States will soon reach a milestone that would have unfathomable just a few months ago. Before the end of the month, perhaps sooner, 100,000 lives will have been lost to coronavirus. On Tuesday afternoon the death toll was more than 91,000.

The White House avoids talking about the numbers, but that doesn’t make every death any less real.

And here’s the worst part. Instead of commemorating each life, instead of expressing sympathy or empathy, Donald Trump is deflecting and spinning. Worst of all, today he even seemed to brag about the number of coronavirus cases, which top 1.5 million in the U.S. saying it should be looked at as “a good thing.”

We’re having a hard time thinking of anything “good” about the coronavirus. Every victim represents not only that person but their family, friends and colleagues. Several newspapers, including The Washington Post, have been writing about some of those who lost their lives to coronavirus. If you have a minute we encourage you to read through this list. It puts names and faces to one of the worst pandemics our country has ever faced.

*This post contains opinion and analysis