We are staring at the possibility of another government shutdown. Uncle Sam runs out of money on November 21, just as Congress begins its Thanksgiving recess.

But what about the impeachment investigation? Could Donald Trump use a shutdown to slowdown Congressional investigators? The Washington Post reports:

President Trump said Sunday that he will not commit to keeping the federal government open past a late-November funding deadline, raising the specter of a shutdown battle as House Democrats expand their impeachment inquiry.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has said he’s afraid the president will use a shutdown to divert the public’s attention from impeachment.

And on Sunday, when meeting with reporters on the south lawn of the White House, Trump didn’t rule it out. From Politico Playbook:

 “Speaking on the South Lawn on Sunday, the president left the door open to a government shutdown in 17 days. First, he said “no, no, no” when asked if he would shut down the government because he is being impeached. Then he said, “It depends on — it depends on what the negotiation — I wouldn’t commit to anything. It depends on what the negotiation is.”

The House is in recess this week, which means only eight legislative days remain to pass spending bills to keep the government open. From Politico Playbook:

Congress will revolt at the idea of a shutdown, and Democrats are never going to relent on impeachment because of a funding crisis. Some in the Capitol believe they can override the president’s veto of a spending bill.