The former aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who has accused him of sexual harassment spent four hours telling investigators about his alleged inappropriate behavior.

Some of the details shared by Charlotte Bennett over the Monday Zoom video interview included what she called his preoccupation with the size of his hands.

Attorney Debra Katz elaborated on this in a statement she released.

“One piece of new information that came to light today was the Governor’s preoccupation with his hand size and what the large size of his hands indicated to Charlotte and other members of his staff.”

Bennett, a 25 year-old who once played soccer in middle school with one of Cuomo’s daughters, worked in the governor’s office as a health policy adviser and executive assistant. Her lawyer says she turned over 120 pages of records the attorney says corroborates Bennett’s claims that the governor fostered a hostile work environment for her and other women. A series of women have accused Cuomo of harassment or inappropriate behavior.

Due to the mounting allegations against him, many state democrats have called on Cuomo to resign. So far, he has refused to do. In fact, he’s digging in his heels as he tries to position himself as a victim of “cancel culture.”

One prominent Democrat who hasn’t publicly called for Cuomo’s resignation is President Biden. One report today in the NY Times says Biden is hoping to stay out of the controversy surrounding Cuomo, a longtime friend. But that is becoming more difficult by the day.

Asked on Sunday night if Cuomo should resign, Biden said this:

“I think the investigation is underway, and we should see what it brings us.”