CNN’s Anderson Cooper said “these are not normal times.” and to gain perspective on that he spoke with Dan Rather on Tuesday night’s Anderson Cooper 360. Dan weighed in on how the Trump presidency “gets stranger” by the day:

“With President Trump, I honestly don’t know what he believes. But to take him at his word and on his actions, he doesn’t believe in the system of checks and balances. He believes, he rules, as we are seeing, we have seen over the last 24, 48 hours in which he’s insisting that people break the law. We have never had a president who openly blatantly and even proudly encouraged his subordinates to break the law.” 

He also talked about the 2020 election:

“President trump believes and there’s evidence that he’s right about it, that the main reason he won the last election is he hammered on immigration. Particularly people of Hispanic heritage and Muslims. He believes that was the main reason he won. Therefore, what we have seen today is, a, he is ramping up an already underway re-election campaign and b, talking about immigration as a way to distract from problems with the Mueller report.” 

Watch the full segment here: