For the second night in a row, the Democrats put on a well-scripted, well performed and executed show with high-quality television production values.

As with the first night, the underlying theme was that President Trump is a disaster for America and that Joe Biden is the man to pull the country together again and move it forward. But there was a difference: Monday night featured direct attacks on Trump in no uncertain language. Tuesday night, the emphasis shifted to illustrating and emphasizing what a good, decent human being —and strong leader—Joe Biden is and always has been.

For those who have been shaking their heads these past four years, saying to themselves of the Trump Presidency, “this isn’t normal,” the Democrat’s message is: Joe Biden is normal….a “regular guy” with years of experience in public service. Words such as “kind,” “caring,” “loyal,” “compassionate,” and “empathy” were again emphasized.

Films about Biden’s close relationship with the late Senator and war hero John McCain and Biden’s late son, Beau (who died of cancer), had emotion-evoking power. So did the film about Biden’s present wife, Jill (his first wife died in a car accident many years ago.). And Jill Biden’s own closing talk, delivered in her old schoolroom, was passionate and exceptionally well delivered.

As for the official roll call of nominating votes, well, call me corny, but I still love a good in-person roll call. I prefer the energy of the traditional, in-the-hall variety. But the “virtual” tour around the country staged last night has its merits.

For people in and out of the party who are already committed to the Biden candidacy, the Democrats are on a roll with this whole “virtual” convention thing.

For those adamantly opposed to Biden and strong for Trump, nothing at this convention is likely to sway them. And they get their turn next week.

Truly independent and so-called “swing voters” are the key targets of the Democrat’s efforts at persuasion. If their convention can keep up the production quality and the tone of the first two nights, they’ll help their chances.

Once again, folks—and not for the last time—a reminder that Election Day is still more than two months away, and there is still a long, nasty campaign ahead.