Please read and understand this comes from someone who has seen a lot of history pass before his eyes.  Dan Rather wants us to understand what’s at stake, but to have some perspective.


It’s hard not to be excited this Election Day.  So much is at stake. In many ways, an unusually decisive election for the country’s future; indeed, for the very soul of the nation.  Thus, a certain level of excitement is justified, even healthy.

However, a small, gentle suggestion for your consideration: Our excitement needs to be tempered with some context and perspective.

The arc of history is long and unpredictable.   To survive and thrive,  nation and its people need to be steady through all of the ups and downs, good times and bad, never getting too high, never too low.

So as this long night (and perhaps beyond) of returns and trends, sit back, relax…have a cup of coffee or tea…don’t forget to breathe and maybe whisper to yourself, “We’re going to be all right, whatever happens.  We’re Americans; we know how to take a punch and how to roll with the punches, our country will be okay.  It may take awhile, but we’re going to be okay, whatever comes as a result of this election.