Dan Rather is weighing in on the impeachment inquiries saying, “I’ve had the feeling that truth is closing in. Facts are closing in. There’s still a lot we don’t know.” Here’s what else he told CNN’s Brian Stelter today:

“I think one thing has changed. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that truth is closing in. truth does matter. And there’s been this feeling that the White House with this alternative narrative, false narrative and with its allies in primetime on Fox was at least in a standoff with truth. We’ve seen the last few days to say truth has begun to close in. Things are beginning to matter. The difference between facts and the truth, people under oath and the false narratives that have been put out in way of defense is beginning to tell. Now whether it’s making a deep enough impression on public opinion to convince enough in the Republican party in power to begin to say to themselves, look, we have to fall in behind the truth I have some doubts, which is it say the Republican party as a whole and in particular members of the house and senate and Republican party are standing with the president. They’re complicit in what he’s doing.”