No one wants to think about the war grinding on in Afghanistan; most especially Americans and others still deep in the glow of Christmas, anticipating New Year’s celebrations.

But think about it, we all should-indeed, must.

Already the longest war in U.S. history, with no end in sight, indications increase that it does not go well. Some U.S. military leaders make a case that while it isn’t going too well… it isn’t going all that badly, all things considered.  Their views should be seriously considered, but there are other views. A lot of them.  And those opposite views are in today’s headlines: “Fight Against ISIS In Afghan Region Bedevils the U.S.”, “Taliban On the Run,” and “Kabul Government’s Grip, Already Weak, Slips Further.”

Details are in this NYT report. Read it, absorb it, ponder it. All of those young Americans who we have sent, and are still sending, to fight and often be killed or wounded, deserve at least that.

And by the way, when was the last time the President spoke substantively about Afghanistan to the American people about what our strategy is, especially what, if any, “exit strategy” there is ?  How and when will we know we have “won?”  To what end are we spending so much treasure in blood and money?

At the very least, some call for the nation at large to recognize and appreciate the sacrifice their fellow Americans are making in Afghanistan.  Our leaders would prefer to have us just go to the mall or watch Netflix, and not think about it.  But we dare not.  The stakes are too high.  Lest we forget.