…and there you have it. The Trump gun “control” proposals are unveiled, and they’re about as weak as a twice-used teabag. President Backtrack has done his usual dance. Promise big. Talk tough. And then do the bidding of those who have underwritten and normalized his path to power.

Shame. Shame on the President who refuses once again to lead. Shame on all those who act like this is acceptable. Shame on the elected officials who will not listen to the vast majority of the American people who believe that we can have a Second Amendment and not have weapons of war sold with less oversight than cold medicine.

There are no easy answers to mass shootings or gun violence. But there are no easy answers to terrorism either. Do we throw up our hands and say we can’t do anything? Is that the American way?

This is cynicism being stoked for partisan political gain. But I think those who are following the playbook from the past are in for a surprise. Our children are watching. And so are many of their parents and grandparents. They don’t buy the peddling of false equivalence.

At some point, rationality must break through. And it will be heard… in the streets and at the ballot box.