Those who seek to subvert the will of the majority will work very hard to make it seem like your voices will never be heard. They will make it seem like your votes don’t count, like your values are outside of the norm of true American patriotism, that you must show respect to those who show you only disdain. Don’t believe it. Cynicism and intimidation are often the refuges of the weak in an effort to make themselves seem strong.

But as we see voters rise up in elections across the nation, as we see a new generation of candidates for office claim that now is their time, as we see even the mighty NRA under siege with former corporate allies scurrying for the exits, it is a timely reminder: NO president…NO interest group… NO political party is bigger than the nation at large.

I have seen, time and time again, in the United States and around the globe, movements rooted in only a minority of the population change the course of history. This is especially true when those seeking change are on the side of justice. But there is something different in this country now. I do not see these protests as the marginalized fighting for fairness in an unjust system. I see it as a majority of Americans who believe in the rule of law, common sense gun regulations, honesty, and integrity. They are rising up and realizing that when they speak they are joining a chorus of the majority.