Florida does not have an election fraud problem. But it does have a governor who loves to feed red meat to his GOP base. The latest example—Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will fund a law enforcement unit to police elections.

The Republican governor had proposed the creation of a special unit to tackle election crimes as he came under pressure from some Republicans to do a full-blown audit of the 2020 election even though former President Donald Trump had little trouble winning Florida.


Democrats say it’s unneeded.

“Even the governor has said that Florida’s 2020 election was secure. Yet this new election crime task force has been developed to solve a problem that does not exist,” said Rep. Yvonne Hayes Hinson (D-Gainesville) in a statement. “Its implementation will put up additional barriers to voting and targets communities of color. This bullying tactic will intimidate and immobilize workers, families, and everyday people.”


Republicans have desperately tried to find voter fraud across the country, but have been unsuccessful in Florida and everywhere else.