Not so fast. The judge in the Michael Flynn case writes that despite the Department of Justice dropping chargesagainst Michael Flynn (after he pleaded guilty!), the case will continue.

Judge Emmett Sullivan, who once told Flynn in court that he sold out his country, is allowing interested third parties to file briefs in the case.

The Daily Beast writes: “He [Sullivan] wrote that, “given the current posture of this case,” he anticipated that outside organizations and individuals might want to file amicus briefs, and he should set down a schedule for it. Such briefs are filed by parties who aren’t directly involved in the case but have a strong interest in it or could be affected by the outcome.

Who could some of those third parties be?

From The Hill:

The lead prosecutor on the case, who had been overseeing it since Flynn first pleaded guilty to the charge in 2017, withdrew shortly before the motion was filed last Thursday.

It’s unusual for prosecutors to withdraw a case against a defendant who has already pleaded guilty. The move to allow amicus briefs offers critics of the DOJ’s decision an opportunity to weigh in.

In other words, the judge will decide this on his own time, despite the wishes of Donald Trump and his Attorney General.