Donald Trump is reportedly adding some seasoned attorneys to help defend him during his Senate impeachment trial. CNN reports:

People familiar with the matter said, including Kenneth Starr, the hard-charging prosecutor whose work led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Alan Dershowitz, the constitutional lawyer, and Robert Ray, Starr’s successor at the Office of Independent Counsel during the Clinton administration, are also joining the team, the people said.

The team will apparently be rounded out by White House counsel Pat Cipollone, attorney Jay Sekulow, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and, Trump personal attorney Jane Raskin.

Dershowitz may be the most surprising name on the list, especially with recent revelations about his connections to Jeffrey Epstein. AXIOS writes:

Several White House officials told me they were hoping Trump wouldn’t pick Alan Dershowitz to play a role in the Senate trial.They said it was an unforced error given the team was already strong and he has close, publicly documented ties to Jeffrey Epstein which could become a distraction.

But Trump thinks Dershowitz is magnificent on TV, a White House official told me.

Also, by selecting Dershowitz to argue on constitutionality, is the White House admitting the House has a strong case?