“Never in the history of this country” is beginning to lose its punch.

How many times can we say it without everyone tuning out and turning off?  Please, dear friends and followers, hang in there.  The fun has just begun.  We hope everyone is paying close attention because January is going to be jumping. And phrases like “never before” may need to be amended to “not in the last day.”   

But it’s an apt phrase for a president who seems to be more detached from reality.

As we approach the two-year mark of Donald Trump in the Oval Office, it’s critical that the behavior demonstrated in the tweet above never be normalized.

Regardless, when the President of the United States calls his onetime lawyer a rat, or “Rat,” in his tweet lingo, it’s more than just another attention grabber. It demonstrates an unedited and unfiltered man who knows trouble is ahead.  It is also the language of the mob.  And the feds didn’t break in, they had a search warrant.

But it’s more than that.  Trump is saying he became a “Rat,” not that he was one BT (Before Trump.)

He also didn’t say Cohen’s statements were lies, only that he snitched.  The President is mad that his consigliere told the truth.  Cohen “ratted-out” Trump’s misdeeds.

There’s another phrase that comes to mind.  Conduct unbecoming…