There certainly might be examples of police officers being treated badly over the last few weeks, but this certainly isn’t one of them. Still, it’s something Donald Trump Jr. decided to highlight. The president’s son retweeted a post about a police officer’s experience at a McDonald’s (reportedly in Richmond Hill, Georgia) saying “Disgusting what’s going on right now.” But it’s hard to understand what is “disgusting.” It just sounds like McDonald’s screwed up this officer’s order. It happens every day at fast-food restaurants all over the country, but somehow the officer jumps to conclusions that the workers are trying to tamper with her order saying, “Don’t bother with the food, because right now, I’m too nervous to take it.”

Newsweek cited a statement they received from Gary and Jill Stanberry, the local McDonald’s owners:

“Unfortunately, we were made aware of a local police officer who experienced a longer than usual wait time and did not receive her full order right away at one of our restaurants. We have been in contact with this officer to apologize for this unsatisfactory experience and let her know that we would love to correct the inaccurate order when she has time. We are happy to report that the officer was never denied service and also shared positive feedback on the employee with whom she interacted.”

The woman’s identity and the police force she works for haven’t been revealed. But local police authorities quickly issued a statement distancing themselves from her.

We have received multiple phone calls and messages about a video that was posted by a female officer complaining about…

Posted by Richmond Hill Police Department on Wednesday, June 17, 2020