Donald Trump is being called a racist (again) after tweeting that people in the suburbs don’t want low income housing in their neighborhoods.

CNBC says:

Trump’s tweet referred to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule, an Obama administration update to the 1968 civil rights legislation, the Fair Housing Act. The rule required local governments receiving federal funds for housing and development to account for biased practices and craft a plan to fix them.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration announced that it was replacing the fair housing rule with its own rule, one it dubbed “Preserving Community and Neighborhood Choice.”

It’s easy hard to understand the point Trump is trying to make when he says things like “preserving community” and “Suburban Lifestyle Dream.”

MSNBC analyst Richard Stengel wrote:

Talk about saying the quiet part out loud. Racist. Odious. This is why the Jusice Dept sued Trump in the1970s for housing discrimination. He must be evicted from his public housing.

And here’s reaction from a former Trump campaign advisor.