Remember when the 2020 election seemed so far away? Not anymore. Now things are going to start unfolding rather quickly. In case you want to keep count, the election is just 304 days away. But buckle in because a month from today, February 3rd, are the Iowa Caucuses. Before that, on January 14th, the DNC will hold a debate in Des Moines. So far just five candidates have qualified, Former Vice President Joe Biden, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar. If the Senate rapidly starts an impeachment trial, the DNC says the date could be changed because the three Senators wouldn’t be able to attend. 

Here are some of the other dates to keep on your radar:

February 7: Manchester, New Hampshire debate

February 11: New Hampshire primary

February 19: Las Vegas, Nevada debate

February 22: Nevada caucus

February 25: Charleston, South Carolina debate

February 29: South Carolina primary

March 3: Super Tuesday

July 13: Democratic National Convention (Milwaukee, WI)

August 24: Republican National Convention (Charlotte, NC)

September 29, October 15, October 22: Presidential debates

October 7: Vice President debate

November 3: Election Day