So the sad, sordid saga of Scott Pruitt comes to a close.  And the press celebrates, rightly, because the system worked, in spite of Donald Trump.

There was a time in this country, not so long ago, when the press was not necessarily celebrated but at least tolerated by those in power because they knew of its importance in a democracy. Enter Donald Trump and his big business cabinet.  After months of hate-filled speech and twisted tweets, guess what?  The press still wins because this country is stronger than one man, even if he’s a president. Trump can tweet til his thumbs fall off but truth will always win.  The image and attitude of an administration is set by its standard bearer.  Like president, like cabinet.  You get it.

But don’t think for a second that the downfall of Scott Pruitt happened  just because of journalists.  A lot of brave people inside the EPA witnessed craven corruption and blew the whistle.  And the number of investigations into Pruitt became as long as your arm.

And Trump tolerated all of Pruitt’s antics because the EPA administrator was unwrapping years of regulatory progress.  But in the end, Pruitt was taking up too much oxygen in a room where there’s just enough for one blowhard.

Pruitt’s resignation letter says it all.

Even after “resigning,” Pruitt still feels the need to fawn over Trump, and he can’t, or won’t take responsibility for his actions, blaming “unrelenting attacks” as his reason for leaving.  Adios, Mr. Administrator.  Don’t let the door….