Florida has broken the record for coronavirus cases in one day, and it’s not even close. The state recorded 15,300 cases on Saturday. Last week, California reported 11,600+ cases which broke the record set by New York back in April of 11,500+.

Disneyworld has reopened in Orlando, schools will soon reopen for classes five days a week and the Republican National Convention is scheduled for Jacksonville in August. CNN writes:

In Florida, Rep. Donna Shalala said the virus is still out of control and places like Miami are edging closer to shutting down for a second time.

“It’s out of control across the state because our governor won’t even tell everybody to wear masks. At least in Miami-Dade county, everyone must wear a mask when they’re outside,” she told CNN Saturday night.”This is an American tragedy,” she added.

The states positive test rate is 14 percent over the last week. By comparison, New York is around one percent.