William Webster may be 94 years old, but he still has his law-enforcement chops.

Webster, the only person to have served as head of both the FBI and the CIA, was targeted – along with his wife – by a Jamaican scammer and extortionist four years ago.

For the criminal, it was an error that led to a prison sentence yesterday in Washington.

“Over multiple phone calls,” CNN reports, “Keniel Aeon Thomas of Jamaica told the Websters he’d set their house ablaze or have a sniper shoot them in the back of the head if they didn’t pay him thousands of dollars, according to prosecutors’ filings.”

Using the alias “David Morgan,” Thomas demanded thousands of dollars from both Webster and his wife, Lynda. During one early call, she had the presence of mind to contact an FBI agent to listen in.

Thomas was arrested as he got off a plane in New York in 2017.

At his sentencing Friday, reports CNN, Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the district court in Washington noted that Thomas had more than 30 victims and had collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from them, including “an 82-year-old Californian,” who sent him “more than $600,000 in one year.”

Webster – who is also a former federal appeals judge and current head of the Homeland Security Advisory Council – told the court Thomas’s death threats were “a most serious offense,” but that he and his wife “were not harmed physically, nor did we fall prey.”

Judge Howell sentenced Thomas to six years in prison, after which he’ll be deported to Jamaica.

She also commended the Websters for their actions, adding that “It is a real honor to have you in my court.”