The continual charade that is Fox News just got smarmier, if indeed that is possible.  Here you have the king of right-wing prime time, Sean Hannity, defending on multiple occasions Donald Trump’s lawyer-fixer, Michael Cohen.

Little did we know, until today, that Cohen & Hannity were attorney-client-ish.

It didn’t take long for Hannity to begin distancing himself from Cohen, especially any connection, perceived or otherwise, to a “third party” such as a playmate or porn star.

On his radio program, Hannity made multiple claims of attorney-client privilege between himself and Cohen. “We definitely would say ‘attorney-client’ when I would ask him something in a legal frame,” Hannity said. Some were quick to point out though that the two didn’t seem to have a formal attorney-client relationship since Hannity claims he’s never actually retained Cohen as an attorney, nor paid him legal fees. 

It is not clear how long Cohen and Hannity have known each other but Hannity stated on his radio program that he has “known Michael a long, long time.” Hannity claims that his legal dealings with Cohen “dealt almost exclusively about real estate” but now that this aspect of their relationship has been unveiled, more questions will almost certainly arise.

For those keeping count, the two other men that Cohen named as his clients from 2017-2018 were President Trump and Elliott Broidy. Broidy was the Deputy Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee, who was forced to resign last week after allegations that he impregnated a Playboy model and paid her $1.6 million to keep quiet. And then there’s Stormy, who was also in court today.

The Hannity reveal wasn’t the only bad news for the Cohen-Trump camp either. Judge Kimba Wood refused their attempt to block the prosecutors from reviewing the files the Feds retrieved from Cohen’s office and residences last week. However, she signaled that she’s open to the idea of appointing a special master to help go through the evidence.