The third time was not the charm for controversial Congressional lawmakers Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor-Greene. The two Republican Representatives saw Saturday’s Southern California stop on their “America First” tour kicked out of not one, not two, but three venues after a flood of complaints.

The Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center in Laguna Hills and the Riverside Convention Center both canceled on the pair after protesters complained loudly and frequently about the divisive duo bringing their pro-Trump MAGA roadshow to their communities. It was rebooked for the M3 Live Anaheim Event Center, but that venue changed its mind as well after phone calls and numerous complaints posted on the convention center’s Yelp page.

Without a proper venue for their rally, Gaetz and Taylor Greene showed up outside Riverside City Hall for an impromptu protest where they each railed against everything from communism to the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout. According to The Daily Beast, Greene encouraged the few sparse crowd of supporters who showed up to not let their kids be vaccinated.

“Don’t let them force your kids to wear masks at school. Don’t let your kids be forced to take a vaccine that’s not FDA approved.”

Keep in mind, COVID cases are surging once again in California due to the spread of the Delta variant, which stats show is happening almost entirely among those who are unvaccinated. The upswing in cases is so alarming, California reinstated its indoor mask mandate this weekend.

As for Gaetz, he used his time on the microphone to call the Department of Justice and the FBI corrupt institutions. Keep in mind the Florida congressman remains under investigation allegedly for sex trafficking allegations involving a minor. Gaetz also complained that the venues who canceled their rally violated their freedom of speech.

“They may try to cancel us online, they may try to pursue us in real life, they may shut down our venues, but we will take this fight to them in the courts, in the halls of Congress, and if necessary in the streets.”

Gaetz even tweeted that he intends to sue the venues for canceling the events.