Has Donald Trump gone off the deep end? It’s not a new or unique thought, but new reporting that has Trump believing he’ll be back in the White House soon is giving new credence to those who believe this is crazy rhetoric. Put George Conway in that camp. The Washington lawyer and leader of the anti-Trump movement echoed the sentiments of many today on CNN when he said that the 45th president needs help.

“Trump is a deeply disturbed individual and we saw that for four years, it got worse, and now to indulge this complete fantasy that, and it’s been reported by multiple outlets that he’s been discussing with people of being reinstated as president in August… it just shows you how out of touch with reality and how deluded he is. This isn’t rhetoric, it’s not an overstatement. I mean, this is crazy, crazy stuff. If somebody did that and they were in the job of CEO or any job, I guess other than politics and they uttered this kind of lunacy and they didn’t run their own company like Trump did and I guess the MyPillow guy does they’d be removed, and I think a board of directors would say, you need to get some help. But nobody’s there to help Donald Trump because they’re all afraid of him and they’re either trying to grift off from him or keep him from attacking them and this process which has gone and gotten worse for four years is basically leading to the unraveling the Republican party and it’s deeply undermining democracy.”