It seems like it’s getting harder and harder for Geraldo Rivera to go along with the Fox News talking points. Rivera has been consistently critical of Israel during this latest escalation of violence in the Middle East. Earlier this week, he told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum that he agrees with Minnesota Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s opposition to the U.S. selling $735 million in weapons to Israel.

Then last night on “Hannity,” the veteran newsman-turned-commentator went nuclear on conservative radio host Bongino during a segment on the Mideast conflict that seemed designed to provoke fireworks. During the appearance, Rivera said the United States was “complicit” in what he called Israel’s “ongoing crime against humanity.” He also argued with Hannity over the mounting death toll in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes, pointing out that dozens of children have been killed.

Things truly went straight downhill when Bongino called Rivera’s opinion “garbage.” Rivera exploded, brought up the fact that he’s won a lot of Emmy Awards, and even threw a balled-up piece of paper at the monitor. Watch his televised meltdown here, and pay attention to hear Hannity struggling in the background to regain control of his own show.

By the end, Hannity appeared to tip his hand that he booked his two guests for the express purpose of creating televised spectacle, under the guise of a discussion about a very real and crucial news event.

This isn’t the first time Rivera refused to tow the Fox party line. In the months after the 2020 election he came out strong against Donald Trump (someone who he considered a friend). He said in fighting the fair election, Trump was behaving “like an entitled frat boy.” He also called pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell “a pathetic lawyer.”

Rivera is not the only person to challenge Fox News agenda items. A few recent guests have actually called out the network for spreading misinformation during live TV interviews.