Rudy Giuliani tried to rip a page out of his old boss Donald Trump’s playbook and ask the MAGA base to cover his hefty legal bills. Thus far, the strategy has been a massive flop.

Giuliani, the one-time personal attorney for former President Trump, has collected just $9,590 as of this writing through the crowdfunded “Rudy Giuliani Legal Defense Fund.” That is substantially less than the stated goal on the fundraising page, which was $5 million.

Not even a personal appeal from disgraced ex-NYPD Commissioner (and convicted felon) Bernard Kerik did much to move the fundraising needle.

It’s too bad Giuliani has been apparently booted from Trump’s inner circle, because maybe he could have provided some useful fundraising tips. Trump’s refusal to pay Giuliani for his work trying to overturn the presidential election results is probably a big reason the onetime prosecutor turned to crowdfunding.

Social media has shown little sympathy for Giuliani’s fundraising woes as he tries to raise money to pay what are likely large legal bills, due to an ongoing Justice Department probe.