Say what you will about Rep. Liz Cheney; you may disagree with her politics, but her unwavering views on Donald Trump are steadfast. While others in the GOP occasionally dabble in criticism of Trump, most Republicans eventually cave to the party line. Take Kevin McCarthy. Shortly after the siege on Capitol Hill, the Republican House leader said that Trump “bears responsibility” for the attack. After facing pressure from fellow Republicans, he caved and returned to worshipping at the altar of Trump. A similar thing happened this past weekend as Chris Christie told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that he would rate Trump an “A” for his time in office. This came after months of slamming the former president and calling the fight against a fair and free election, a “national embarrassment.” Now as pressure grows against Rep. Cheney, she refuses to change her tune. Outrage against the House GOP Conference chair grew last week as the lawmaker had the nerve to give the current president of the United States a fistbump after his speech to Congress.

Cheney responded to criticism by writing:

I disagree strongly w/@JoeBiden policies, but when the President reaches out to greet me in the chamber of the US House of Representatives, I will always respond in a civil, respectful & dignified way. We’re different political parties. We’re not sworn enemies. We’re Americans.

That didn’t little to help the push to remove her from her leadership role. Many Republicans say her days in the position are numbered. The Hill writes:

Some pro-Trump Republicans say 2022 is too long to wait to oust Cheney, who demonstrated this week she will not be silenced.  

Three months ago, Cheney easily survived an attempt by Trump loyalists to force her off the House leadership team for voting to impeach Trump.

Now, some of those GOP colleagues who rallied to her defense in that 145-61 vote are saying it’s time for her to go.

In spite of all this, Cheney isn’t moving an inch. Today she reiterated her position on Twitter.

Cheney’s stance has won her some fans, but the question is whether it’s enough to save her in a party that kowtows to Trump.