It’s hard to believe with just 18 days until the election, there are still people who are planning to vote, but are undecided. Granted The Washington Post says “the pool of undecided voters may be smaller than it has ever been at this point in a presidential campaign.”

“Take a couple of recent examples, this new CNN poll shows only 3 percent of voters unable to choose between Biden and Trump, while this new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll puts the number at 6 percent.”

For that 3-6 %, what exactly is leaving them in limbo? Today Republican pollster Frank Luntz said he believes the undecided voters see “a tremendous difference” between candidates… but they are “trying to decide what is more important to them, the fact that they really don’t like Donald Trump as a person or the fact they are really scared about what Joe Biden might do if he became president.”

If the undecided voters don’t like Trump as a person, what is truly holding them back? With early voting already underway, there is frustration growing against those who still haven’t made up their minds.

Fast Company’s Kathleen Davis wants the media to stop interviewing those who are undecided, opining:

There is a group of people in America, a very small group, who are likely the least informed, yet are receiving more attention from the media than any other group of people in the country right now. They are the undecided voter. And our obsession with them is a dangerous distraction during a critical time.

But the intrigue surrounding undecided voters isn’t new. The New Yorker wrote this back in 2008, but it rings more true than ever during this current election.