Ah, now we understand what’s going on.  What we have are hundreds, if not thousands of immigrant children, separated from their parents, being held hostage by the GOP.  And folks, this is not a good look.  Protests have begun all across the country calling for an end to the Trump administration policy.  But here’s what’s going on.

Playing the role of bad cop is the White House, with a new policy that split families apart when they’re caught at the border.

Playing the role of good cop is the GOP-controlled House which suddenly has a new immigration bill including language that would never allow families caught at the border to be separated again (shock!).  It’s a miracle!  But wait, there’s a big if.  The GOP will allow immigrant families to remain together IF the immigration bill passes which includes $32 BILLION FOR A BORDER WALL.  No wonder America hates Washington.

Donald Trump and the GOP are losing the battle over split families.  Catholic bishops this week called it “immoral.”

Even far-right Trump pal Franklin Graham calls it “disgraceful.”

And protests were held across the country on Thursday condemning Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.

And now there are numbers.  According to a report obtained by Reuters, more than 2400 children have been separated from their parents during the Trump administration.

  • “The report marks the only publicly accessible, comprehensive data on the policies that separate families at the U.S.–Mexico border, though the data does not include much of this year.”
  • “Last month, a CBP official testified that there were 638 separations between May 6 and May 19.”