The Carolinas are beginning to feel the effects of Hurricane Florence. Even in the first hours of the storm some areas are already flooding, and this is just the beginning. What will make this storm so much worse than many others is the enormous amount of rain. CNN writes:

People often use the word trillions when they’re overexaggerating something. This is no exaggeration.

North Carolina may get 10 trillion gallons of rain over the next week from Hurricane Florence. This eye-popping prediction comes from meteorologist Ryan Maue of Maue calculated the number from the seven-day rainfall forecast put out Wednesday by the National Weather Service Ocean Prediction Center.

The storm surge is also expected to do major damage and put anyone who didn’t evacuate vulnerable areas in harm’s way. FEMA sent out this warning earlier today, “Storm surge is deadly. Anyone in an evacuation zone in the Carolinas and Virginia must leave NOW if they haven’t yet.”

One of the big problems in any hurricane is also the loss of power, estimates are that millions will be without power soon. We are already seeing that begin.

The Charlotte Observer says, “Be prepared to be without power for 3 to 4 days.”