When Mike Bloomberg jumped into the Democratic race for president, it was reported that he made his decision in part, because he believed Joe Biden was struggling to get the nomination. Fast forward a few months and Biden truly is struggling, but the reason may be because of Bloomberg himself. The billionaire is seemingly taking away votes from Biden, therefore splitting the moderate vote and in turn giving Bernie Sanders the lead. Washington Post opinion columnist Jennifer Rubin writes that “Bloomberg is not doing what he promised:”

Bloomberg’s effort to consign Biden to oblivion not only failed, but Biden — minus the billions of available ad dollars — now looks like the more capable of the two to take down (Bernie) Sanders.

Indeed while Bloomberg, not-so-long-ago, looked like he might have a good shot at securing some top spots in primaries, his prospects aren’t all that positive anymore.

Mediaite’s Adrian Carrasquillo cites a poll out of Texas that really illustrates the damage Bloomberg is doing to Biden:

A major finding of the poll is that Bloomberg, who has said he entered the race to stop Sanders from winning, is actually siphoning the most support from Biden. The poll of 1,045 likely Texas Democratic primary voters asked respondents both who they would support without Bloomberg in the race, and with Bloomberg in the race, revealing the former New York City mayor siphons 7% support from Biden in the state.

Bloomberg has said he wants to use his money to make sure that Trump doesn’t get re-elected. He has also made it clear he doesn’t want Sanders to win the nomination, he has an ad running saying Sanders & the so-called #BernieBros “type of energy is not going to get us there.” But ironically he is helping Sanders get there. If he really wants to help someone other than Sanders get the nomination, then his best option is to drop out and pledge his support and money to Biden.

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