It doesn’t look like many people are happy with how Jared Kushner has handled the Mideast deal that Donald Trump touted last week. The Israelis and Palestinians are both voicing concerns. The Washington Post reports:

Supporters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have grown increasingly frustrated at White House pushback over plans to immediately annex Jewish settlements in the West Bank as envisioned in the Trump peace plan, with their ire focused in particular on presidential adviser Jared Kushner, according to Israeli media reports.

Sources among Israeli settler groups and within the prime minister’s circle, according to the reports, blame Kushner for a split in the administration, portraying U.S. Ambassador David Friedman as more willing to see Israel annex the settlements in short order and Kushner resisting fast action.

And on the other side Salon reports, “Palestinians cut all ties with US and Israel over “arrogance” of Jared Kushner’s ‘peace’ deal.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly said, “We’ve informed the Israeli side . . . that there will be no relations at all with them and the United States, including security ties.”

Salon adds:

Abbas reiterated his “complete” rejection of the Kushner peace plan Saturday.

“I will not have it recorded in my history that I sold Jerusalem,” he said.

Dozens of Middle Eastern nations joined Abbas in condemning the plan.

In the Washington Post, Max Boot writes there “will be a permanent obstacle to a two-state solution that the Kushner plan claims to endorse while actually undermining.”