There is no doubt that Senator Josh Hawley is positioning himself to be the face of the new Republican party, as long as Donald Trump remains in social media exile. From his push to invalidate a fair and free election to raising his fist to the crowd outside the Capitol on January 6th, the Missouri Republican has made it clear that his goal is to boost his profile. He also has the lonely distinction of being the only Senator to reject every one of Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees. He added to that list on Tuesday, voting no one Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary and no to Alejandro Mayorkas as Department of Homeland Security.

It’s become a given that Hawley will vote no on everyone.

Newsweek reports even Hawley’s potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, Senator Ted Cruz has at least voted to confirm one nominee:

Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, voted against all of Biden’s nominees with the exception of Buttigieg, whom he voted to approve. Other Republicans, including Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, have voted “nay” for all of Biden’s nominees except Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin—the first Black person to serve in that role.