We are hours away from knowing some details from the latest F.B.I. investigation into Brett Cavanaugh and there are these developments.

Several witnesses were interviewed by agents but one who was not was James Roche, Kavanaugh’s freshman roommate at Yale who spoke tonight with Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Meanwhile the F.B.I. interviews with witnesses has been completed.  Copies were first sent to the White House and will soon be sent to the Senate.  The Washington Post is reporting irregularities in previous F.B.I. reports on Kavanaugh, according to Democratic Senators.

“The developments came as Senate Democrats opened a new front in their objections to the investigations of Kavanaugh’s conduct, suggesting in a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) that past FBI background checks of Kavanaugh include evidence of inappropriate behavior, without disclosing specifics.”

And the New York Times has published an opinion piece that contains the signatures of 650 law professors who say Kavanaugh should not be confirmed because he does not have the judicial temperament needed to sit on the high court.

All signs point toward a full Senate vote on Saturday.