GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is doubling down. After her state party in Wyoming voted to censure her on Saturday, the number three Republican in the House appeared on Fox. She told Chris Wallace that Trump “does not have a role as the leader of our party going forward.”

Politico’s Playbook writes:

Aiming to prove that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,Cheney threw in with Republicans like MITT ROMNEY, BEN SASSE, and ADAM KINZINGER, who are determined to move the Republican Party past Trump — especially now that he’s been weakened without his Twitter bully pulpit.

In her first comments since the vote to remove her from leadership, Cheney said her mind hasn’t changed that Trump deserves to be impeached. “What we already know does constitute the greatest violation of his oath of office by any president in the history of the country and this is not something that we can simply look past or pretend didn’t happen or try to move on.”

“Somebody who has provoked an attack on the United States Capitol to prevent the counting of electoral votes, which resulted in five people dying, who refused to stand up immediately when he was asked to stop the violence — that is a person who does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward. We should not be embracing the former president.” GOP Rep. Liz Cheney