A large balloon in the shape of Donald Trump, with disproportionally small hands holding a mobile phone and wearing only a diaper, has been given permission to fly over London during the president’s state visit beginning tomorrow.

Massive protests are planned in London for Trump’s visit. “Together Against Trump” organizers say they will bring parts of London to a standstill this week.

Permission was granted by London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, who has long been at odds with Donald Trump. Kahn has called Trump a “global threat,” and compared him to fascists of the 20th century.

The Trump baby blimp first flew back in July 2018 on a previous Trump visit to theUK. Mashable writes:

Now, in June 2019, the “Together Against Trump” group is inflating the blimp again and has several protests against the president planned, including gathering outside Buckingham Palace during the State Banquet on Monday, showing up on Downing Street when he meets Theresa May on Tuesday, and following him to Portsmouth on Wednesday. 

Sky News has produced a Trump-blimp promo.