Remember when Donald Trump called the junior senator from Florida “little Marco?” It looks like Marco Rubio has forgotten all the names Trump called him when they were competing for the Republican presidential nomination back in 2016. Or he just doesn’t care. Just like Trump’s former foes Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, Rubio is now looking at Trump through rose-colored glasses.

This week alone Rubio’s Twitter feed seems like it could very well be written by Trump himself. There are conspiracy theories, hints of racism, rambling posts and election lies.

In the last couple of days, Rubio has decided that he also wanted to become the second biggest political figure in the United States trying to champion nationalism. Friday afternoon he wrote this:

He even penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal about nationalism titled, “Trump Is Right About Nationalism.” It reads like a love letter to Trump.

Rubio’s transformation hasn’t gone unnoticed, even by former supporters. Max Boot, a conservative writer who worked on Rubio’s campaign writes:

I worked on Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign, so I am saddened to see “Little Marco” turning into his tormentor’s mini-me.

But that is the Trump effect: He is pushing otherwise sane Republicans down conspiratorial rabbit holes.

Perhaps he is trying to get on Trump’s good side, in hopes of a future cabinet position or maybe vying to replace Mike Pence as Vice President?