As we get closer and closer to the election, we recognize that a lot of the issues aren’t being covered because the news is focused on Donald Trump, all the time. We know supporting or opposing Trump (and fellow GOP politicians) is a big part of the vote, but we asked you to put Trump aside for a moment. We then asked you to tell us the other issues that are impacting your lives, and your votes, in the upcoming midterm elections.

We received thousands of replies and truly appreciate them all. As we read through everything we were surprised that some topics were hardly mentioned. With Parkland (and countless other mass shootings) still fresh on our minds, we expected to see gun control mentioned, but we received very few replies that mentioned guns at all. We didn’t hear much about foreign issues or the military either. Another one was tax cuts. Hardly anyone mentioned that. Lastly, with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings still a raw and very divisive, we were especially shocked to see only a handful of responses on the future of the Supreme Court or Roe V. Wade.

As for what you really care about here are the top ten issues we received comments on. We had an overwhelming amount of responses for the first three topics listed below. The others are in no particular order.

  • Healthcare

  • Medicare & Social Security

  • Environment

  • Immigration

  • Education

  • Homelessness

  • Term Limits

  • Voter Suppression

  • Gerrymandering

  • Moral Compass

In the next week or so, we will be going in-depth into your thoughts on each topic.