Today we may be seeing the beginning of a divide between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. CBS reports that the Senate Majority Leader is contradicting the president on a rather big point. Trump said he spoke with McConnell about his controversial call, but now McConnell says, “I don’t recall any conversations with the president about that phone call.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell denied telling President Trump his July phone call with the Ukrainian president was “innocent,” as the president had indicated earlier this month.

In other words McConnell is accusing Trump of lying about the Senator’s reaction to the call.

Meanwhile Vanity Fair notes that former Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci (now Trump critic) made reference today to what he believes is a deteriorating relationship between Trump and McConnell:

“In the next three to six weeks, there will be more damning information related to the president” released, Scaramucci predicted. “He’s aware of it. I believe that [Mitch] McConnell will eventually go to him and say, ‘Hey, man. You’ve gotta take one for the team…you’ve gotta go back.’ He’ll probably end up back at Mar-a-Lago or something.” Though he says he hasn’t had a personal conversation with McConnell, who “plays his cards very close to the vest,” Scaramucci said he has “talked to a legion of people” who see the tables beginning to turn.”