It seems Mitch McConnell’s controversial rules for the Senate impeachment trial were too extreme even for some members on the Republican side of the aisle. McConnell wanted to bury some key arguments in the wee hours of the night and proposed keeping evidence out of the process, but today he backtracked. NBC writes:

The last-minute changes — which were written by hand on the resolution, with other lines crossed out — were revealed on Tuesday as the organizing resolution for President Donald Trump’s Senate trial was being read into the record on the Senate floor. The new version gives both sides 24 hours to make their case over three days, instead of the two initially proposed by McConnell on Monday.

The house record will also now be admitted into evidence.

ABC reports that these changes came about after some moderate Republicans voiced their concerns:

ABC’s Trish Turner on Capitol Hill reports aides to moderate GOP Sen. Susan Collins say she and others raised concerns about trying to fit the 24 hours of opening statements in two days under the proposed rules and the admission of the House transcript of the evidence into the Senate record.

Her position has been that the trial should follow the Clinton model as much as possible, the aides say. She thinks these changes are a significant improvement, they say.