Any new morsel of information that leaks from the Mueller investigation now comes with a dollop of dread.  We learned tonight that the special counsel’s office now has their hands of “tens of thousands” of emails written during the Presidential transition, and Republicans are fuming.  Axios’ Mike Allen breaks this big weekend story.  The GOP claims the emails were obtained illegally.  As usual, no comment from Mueller’s office.

No doubt this will be be more ammunition for Trump supporters who are lining up behind  Fox News, in an effort to do anything to stop the Mueller investigation.  Ever since Michael Flynn’s guilty plea, Fox has been in overdrive to shut Mueller down.

Rumors abound that Donald Trump will fire Mueller before Christmas.  Attorneys for Trump deny they will pursue removing the special counsel.

If Mueller goes soon, it will not be a merry Christmas, but a full-blown constitutional crisis the likes of which this country hasn’t seen since Watergate.  How would it happen?  Jeff Session has recused himself, so now the responsibility would be with Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy AG.  Rosenstein has said of late he see no reason to fire Mueller.  It’s easy to see this could get ugly very quickly.