Ever since photos showed Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano at the Capitol on Jan. 6, the lawmaker has insisted he never pushed past police lines and left once things became violent.

Now, new video has surfaced that suggests Mastriano, considered a GOP contender for governor next year, went much further and stayed much longer than he has claimed in the past.

Here’s how the Philadelphia Inquirer described what the video shows:

“The footage appears to depict Mastriano — wearing a ball cap and a green scarf — and his wife among a crowd passing through breached barricades set up by Capitol Police to keep rioters at bay. A man in the frame is seen dragging the barriers aside and tossing them out of the way.”

Take a look at the tweets below. The first one apparently shows Mastriano and his wife on the lawn after the police barricades were breached.

This next one appears to show Mastriano moving with the crowd past the barricades.

The tweet below features two videos synced up showing rioters pushing past the barricades on the northeast side.

It wasn’t until last weekend that online users who have been working to identify the people who took part in the Capitol siege, spotted Mastriano in the video footage. The left-leaning watchdog group Pennsylvania Spotlight reported the discovery on Monday.

Mastriano on Tuesday challenged the accusations as the work of “angry partisans” who will do anything to discredit former President Donald Trump and those who support him.

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims called on Mastriano to be arrested for his actions.