Health care, including the high cost of prescription drugs, is perhaps the issue raised most often in questions to Democratic candidates so far. This is a reminder that “bread and butter,” everyday concerns are likely to be key to who wins the Democrats’ Presidential nomination– and whether or not that candidate can beat Republicans in 2020.

Make no mistake: As of this moment the Presidential election figures to be close and President Trump will be tough to beat. The stock market is up, unemployment is low, and the immigration issue continues to cut deep for Trump.

Disgust with much of what Trump says, how he conducts himself in general, and some of what he does is widespread, and he is vulnerable because of that. If you only read social media and/or watch cable television (and fixate on every early poll) it is easy to get the impression that Trump is a near cinch to lose. But there is a whole other world out there; America is a large and greatly diverse country. Out there, away from social media, cable TV, and the elite newspapers, the election is still very much up for grabs.

Exposing more of what Trump and his campaign did with the Russians remains important for Democrats, but so does outlining how they intend to improve people’s lives and the nation’s future prospects.