With 96 days until the election, we are seeing the Biden campaign ramp up efforts in Ohio. The Hill reports:

Until recently, Democrats had written Ohio off as an uncompetitive state after President Trump handily won there by more than 8 points in 2016. But recent polls have shown a tight race in the Buckeye State, raising Biden’s hopes that he can win a historic swing state that went for President Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

NBC News says “the Biden campaign is adding a new, seven-figure campaign focused exclusively on the Buckeye State. Airing in the Toledo and Youngstown markets through the Democratic National Convention next month, Biden’s new advertisement actually spotlights his hometown of Scranton.”

The Toledo Blade adds cites a statement from the campaign’s Ohio director:

“Joe Biden understands Ohioans because he understands the dignity of work, and he knows the pain we’re feeling after years of Donald Trump’s broken promises and failed policies that prioritize the wealthy over workers,” said state Director Toni Webb. “Joe Biden has never backed down from a fight for the dignity of working people — that’s why he fought for Ohio’s auto workers and got the auto industry back on its feet. And it’s how he’ll fight for us in the White House and help Ohio and our country build back better.”