As a backdrop to Donald Trump’s first campaign event of 2019, El Paso County passed a resolution hours before his arrival saying it was “disillusioned by President Trump’s lies.” Welcome to Texas!

The president took his roadshow to El Paso Monday night because he wanted to tout the fact that border barriers lower crime. Never mind the fact that crime actually went up after in El Paso after the fence was built. Trump said local officials were “full of crap” when they said walls didn’t lower crime. Here are the FBI stats from The El Paso Times. Crime went up.

Meanwhile at the rally the campaign slogan has changed from “build the wall” to “finish the wall.” Never mind the fact there has been zero new funding approved for wall construction during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Then there was the all too familiar slogan used by the Trump campaign. Where have we seen “stronger together”?

Then a moment many in the media had long feared. After blasting the press as “fake news,” a Trump supporter attacked a cameraman with the BBC.

Fortunately, the cameraman was ok. The attacker was escorted from the venue. We expect this will not be the last time this happens.

Trump also – just as he often did in 2016 – lied about the crowd size of his rally.

In fact, 6500 is the max allowed inside the arena. Several thousand more watched on screens outside. Meanwhile, a short distance away from the Trump rally, El Paso native and probable presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was holding a counter-rally, denouncing the need for border walls.