Speaker Nancy Pelosi has named seven House Democrats as impeachment managers in the upcoming trial of Donald Trump. As expected, Rep. Adam Schiff, chair of the intelligence committee and Jerry Nadler, chair of the judiciary committee will be leading the prosecution.

As for why she chose this group, Pelosi says: “The emphasis is on litigators. The emphasis is on comfort level in the courtroom. The emphasis is making the strongest possible case to protect and defend our Constitution.”

Still undecided whether newly released evidence obtained from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas will be sent over from the House to the Senate, or how it will be used by Democrats. As for the new letter from Rudy Giuliani, Rep Schiff says: “That letter makes clear that Giuliani, in his own words, is acting at the behest and with the knowledge and consent of the president. There is no fobbing this off on others. The president was the architect of this scheme.”

Here is the letter. Remember, Trump has said he didn’t direct Giuliani on Ukraine.