House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed the members of the January 6 select committee to investigate the deadly riot at the Capitol, with Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney the most notable name on the list.

In a statement announcing the committee members, Pelosi took a not-so-subtle swipe at Republicans in Congress who blocked a bill to establish a bipartisan Jan. 6 commission.

“It had been our hope to establish a bipartisan, independent National Commission, but there is no prospect for that Commission at this time… Today, I am proud to name Members who will patriotically honor our oath and our responsibility to the American people: to seek the truth.”

The members of the select committee are :

Chair Bennie Thompson: Chair of Homeland Security Committee
Chair Zoe Lofgren: Chair of Committee on House Administration
Chair Adam Schiff: Chair of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Rep. Pete Aguilar, House Administration and Appropriations Committees
Rep. Liz Cheney, Armed Services Committee
Rep. Stephanie Murphy, Armed Services Committee
Rep. Jamie Raskin, Oversight and Judiciary Committees
Rep. Elaine Luria, Navy veteran, Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees

Cheney and Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger were the only Republicans to vote Wednesday to create a panel to investigate January 6.

Now comes the question of how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will react to the news that Cheney is on the panel. He helped get her ousted from her seat as GOP Conference chair due to her continued criticism of former president Trump over his election lies and his role in inciting the crowd on the day of the Insurrection.

McCarthy has also reportedly threatened retaliation against any Republican who joined the select committee.

Kinzinger was not asked to join the committee, per CNN’s Jim Sciutto. When asked to respond to McCarthy’s reported threat to punish GOP members who join the committee, Kinzinger gave this rather pointed answer to Sciutto’s colleague, Manu Raju that suggests he doesn’t put much stock in what McCarthy says.